Anstee Coil Technology announces cost-effective new Unicoil

Anstee Coil Technology, the UK, China and (from 2017) Mexico-based magnetic coil technology specialist, has launched a new, even more cost-effective, off-the-shelf budget product called Unicoil.

Unicoil is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ flowmeter coil. It has been designed to offer parts of the flowmeter coil market a readily available off-the-shelf coil that is compatible with a wide range of different pipe diameters made by different companies. The new product will complement Anstee Coil Technology’s existing, widely acclaimed, bespoke coil business.

Talking about Unicoil, which is planned to be available from Anstee Coil Technology’s factory in China from September 2017, director Barry Hood said:

‘Our new Unicoil product demonstrates again how we listen carefully to the market. This time we learned that many customers wanted a cost-effective “one-size-fits-all” flowmeter coil. In particular, an off-the-shelf product to fit a wide range of steel and plastic pipes and accommodate the inevitable variations from pipes’ nominal diameter ratings. Put simply, Unicoil reflects some customers’ preference for making a tube (a pipe) around a coil size; not the other way round.

‘For many customers, our bespoke coil manufacturing service will continue to be important. However, for others, being able to source pipework to a standard size coil is preferable. Once again, we’ve listened to what you told us about your requirements and have created a new product to suit.’