We harness the power of magnetism to bring your lighting equipment to life. Our bespoke designs and rapid prototyping support short lead times. That’s important when you need high-performance electromagnetic coils for domestic and industrial lighting equipment.


Product highlights and benefits

  • Extensive experience in many different domestic and industrial applications around the world.
  • 3D printing supports fast, cost-effective prototyping so we can develop and manufacture your coils and cabling faster. The prototypes that once took weeks to make are now completed in two days.
  • Short lead times (typically 2 working days) mean you get the product you need very quickly.
  • Bespoke designs.
  • Off-the-shelf coils for lighting applications.
  • DN standard coils.
  • ATEX-compliant for explosive atmospheres.
  • Bobbin-mounted coils.
  • Freestanding air coils.
  • Freestanding air coils eliminate the effect of internal current on a coil’s inductance and deliver high efficiency without unwanted core saturation.
  • Take advantage of our wide-ranging ability to design and manufacture off-the-shelf and bespoke ballast coils and choke coils.
  • We check everything we make in the factory thoroughly during production.
  • Tailored protective packaging makes sure your large or small coils arrive in perfect condition.

Contact us


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It takes more than 200 tonnes of ore to make just 72 Kg of copper wire. At least 80% of the copper ever mined has been recycled and remains available for use; naturally, our environmental policy dictates that we recycle scrap.

As well as doing this and having ISO14001 accreditation[, our products help protect environments around the world. From detecting a leaking water main to measuring the flow of life-giving water between oceans and deserts, we’re here for you…